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Manmar Industries is specialty chemical company established in 2012 as a small company to provide custom manufacturing services for chemical industry in India. Our main objective was to carve a niche for us in specialty chemicals, by providing very specific, valuable services to our customers. Ever since our inception in the year 2012, we have been manufacturing chemicals using good quality raw materials, latest technique and modern machines following the guidelines of qualified and experienced experts who have specialization in this sector.In 1983 Mr. Nandkumar Nalavade started Sujan Chemical Industries over 400 sq ft area with Trichloroacetic acid which now expanded over 30,000 sq ft area with many products in their new units, also deals over-all 400 Chemicals.
Manmar Industries.
Sujan Organic Industries
Sujan Chemicals Industries
Over the past five years, Manmar Industries developed a deep knowledge base in chemical manufacturing with R & D based products. We earned valuable experience in different fields like Chlorination, Reduction, Sulfonation, Nitration, Acylation, and Bromination. We also work with job work.

Manmar Industries

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Manmar Industries is a diversified global company, we are committed to providing innovative products and services that make lives safer, healthier and more productive

 We provide agricultural chemical products solutions, development, management and maintenance for farmers, agribusinesses and food manufacturers around the globe.

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