Let us help you with all your agricultural chemical needs:

Agriculture is the most sensitive and environmental dependent sector in the world. Manmar has been delivering Service solutions to create and maintain sustainable agricultural environments for over 30 years.

We develop, produce and distribute pest control products and chemical solutions. We believe that it is not the quality of the product, but the quality of customer service that separates an average company from a great one.

Industrial chemical company developing cutting-edge agricultural products and solutions to the agricultural industry. Offering products, solutions, and management to agricultural producers.

We have a long history of commitment to agriculture to help farmers realize their dreams. We are not just an agricultural chemical company. We also manufacture our own products.

We work with people and the environment to produce quality products. We are committed to being your trusted partner in finding solutions for your needs. We cultivate the next generation of sustainable agricultural production and innovation.

We are a company that produces and markets chemical products and other solutions to help farmers increase their yields and reduce costs. We are here to provide solutions to agriculture problems with our wide range of products.

We love what we do and take pride in it. You are in good hands with us, we have a passion for excellence. We use our expertise to provide the best products and solutions for all agricultural needs.

We're Manmar Industries. We're here to serve you, and help you grow. We are a company dedicated to providing solutions for agricultural challenges in the India.

We are a family-owned company that has been in business for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of agricultural chemicals, such as fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides.

We manufacture and distribute soluble fertilizers, dry fertilizers, and specialty chemicals with a focus on crop nutrition. Manmar Industries is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of agricultural chemicals.